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[2017] Volume 60 - No. 5 E-Prepublication

Collagenase-Induced Rat Intra-Striatal Hemorrhage Mimicking Severe Human Intra-Striatal Hemorrhage
Li-Chuan Huang, Hock-Kean Liew, Hung-Yu Cheng, Hsiao-Fen Peng, Hui-I Yang, Jon-Son Kuo, Wen-Lin Hsu, and Cheng-Yoong Pang

Inhibition of Curcumin on ZAKα Activity Resultant in Apoptosis and Anchorage-Independent Growth in Cancer Cells
Jin-Sun Lee, Tsu-Shing Wang, Ming Cheng Lin, Wei-Wen Lin, and Jaw-Ji Yang

Effect of Carvacrol on Ca2+ Movement and Viability in PC3 Human Prostate Cancer Cells
Chi-Ting Horng, Chiang-Ting Chou, Te-Kung Sun4, Wei-Zhe Liang, Chun-Chi Kuo6, Jue-Long Wang, Pochuen Shieh, and Chung-Ren Jan

The Effects of Two Different Multivitamins on Aging Mice
Su-Xi Wu, Xiao-Miao Han, Xue-Wei Jiang, and Jun Tao

Pacing Profiles in Age Group Cross-Country Skiers in the Vasaloppet 2012-2016
Pantelis T. Nikolaidis, and Beat Knechtle

Effect of Intensive and Repetitive Heat Exposure on the Sudomotor Activity
Jeong Beom Lee, Hyung Seok Seo, and Young Oh Shin

Inside the Lungs: Making Blood

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