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[2008] Volume 51 - No. 2

Ketamine Pretreatment Exacerbated 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine-Induced Central Dopamine Toxicity
Jing-Jer Ke, Ming-Che Ho, Chianfang G. Cherng, Yen-Ping N. Tsai, Chia-Wen Tsai, and Lung Yu

Enhancement of Vascular Function Mediated by Insulin and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Following Single Exercise Session
Ai-Lun Yang, Chia-Ting Su, Ko-Long Lin, and Shin-Da Lee

Effects of Antrodia Camphorata on Viability, Apoptosis, and [Ca2+]i in PC3 Human Prostate Cancer Cells
Chin-Man Ho, Chorng-Chih Huang, Chun-Jen Huang, Jin-Shiung Cheng, I-Shu Chen, Jeng-Yu Tsai, Bing-Ping Jiann, Pi-Lai Tseng, San-Jung Kuo, and Chung-Ren Jan

Oxidative and Nitrosative Mediators in Hepatic Injury Caused by Whole Body Hyperthermia in Rats
Jye-Fang Lee, David Wang, Yung-Hsiang Hsu, and Hsing I Chen

CD14-159 and -260 Gene Polymorphisms Are Associated with HBV-Related Cirrhotic Injury in Chinese Han Patients
Chun-Gen Yan, Guang-Yuan Ren, Feng Wang, Dong-Fang Zhu, and Yan Zhuang

Alteration of Cardiovascular Autonomic Functions by Vegetarian Diets in Postmenopausal Women Is Related to LDL Cholesterol Levels
Chin-Hua Fu, Cheryl C. H. Yang, Chin-Lon Lin, and Terry B. J. Kuo

Behavioral and Biochemical Effects of Amperozide and Serotonin Agents on Nigrostriatal and Mesolimbic Dopamine Systems
Pu-Yuan Chang, Chia-Hsin Chuang, Jin-Chung Chen, and Che-Se Tung

Reformative Cannula Electrodes for His Bundle Electrogram Recording in Isolated Rat Hearts
Fen-Fei Gao, Gang-Gang Shi, Yan-Qiong Zhou, and Xing-Ping Liu

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