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[2009] Volume 52 - No. 5


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Physiology and Potential Application of NKT Cells: A Minireview
Jiun-Yih Yeh, Ming-Shien Yen, Wei-Yu Lo, Kuan-Chong Chao, Chiou-Chung Yuan, and Chi-Mou Juang

Role of Dopaminergic DAD1 and DAD2 Receptors in the Sensitization of Amphetamine-Suppressed Schedule-Induced Polydipsia in Rats
Yia-Ping Liu, Pai-Jone Lin, Ching-Jiunn Tseng, Fang-Jung Wan, and Che-Se Tung

Effects of Sulphur-Containing Compounds on Plasma Redox Status in Muscle-Damaging Exercise
Agnieszka Zembron-Lacny, Joanna Ostapiuk, and Kazimierz Szyszka

Serum Heat Shock Protein after Simulated Deep Diving in Navy Divers
Hui-Chieh Lee, Yin-Shin Chen, Bor-Hwang Kang, Fan-Jong Wan, Lu-Peng Chang,and Kun-Lun Huang

Impact of Acute Respiratory Stress on Cardiac Autonomic Control in Young Healthy Subjects Explored by Time and Frequency Domain Methods
Subbalakshmi Narsajana Krishnadasa, Basha Ahamed, and Ramesh Bhat

Protective Effects of L-Arginine Supplementation Against Exhaustive Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress in Young Rat Tissues
Chi-Chang Huang, Tien-Jen Lin, Yi-Fa Lu, Chun-Chieh Chen, Chih-Yang Huang, and Wan-Teng Lin

Attenuation of Long-Term Rhodiola rosea Supplementation on Exhaustive Swimming-Evoked Oxidative Stress in the Rat
Shih-Chung Huang, Fang-Tsai Lee, Tz-Yin Kuo, Joan-Hwa Yang, and Chiang-Ting Chien

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