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[2009] Volume 52 - No. 5 (Supplement)


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Commentaries of the 50th Anniversary of the Relaunch of the Chinese Physiological Society in Taiwan
Mei-Ling Tsai

The Role of Mast Cells in Citric Acid-Induced Airway Constriction and Cough
Yih-Loong Lai, Li-Ling Wu, Tai-Yin Lin, and Chien-He Lin

From Neurogenic Pulmonary Edema to Fat Embolism Syndrome: A Brief Review of Experimental and Clinical Investigations of Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Hsing I Chen

Somatosympathetic Reflex and Acupuncture-Related Analgesia
Chung-Shin Huang and Yuan-Feen Tsai

Modulation of Propofol on the Effects of Blood Pressure and Firing Activity of Related Neurons in the Medulla
Wun-Chin Wu, Ching-Yue Yang, and Chok-Yung Chai

Protection of Ischemic Preconditioning on Renal Neural Function in Rats with Acute Renal Failure
Ming-Shiou Wu, Chiang-Ting Chien, Ming-Chieh Ma, and Chau-Fong Chen

Enhancement of Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Rat Lungs after Hypoxic Preconditioning
Tsai-Fwu Chou, Ming-Chieh Ma, Chun-Ping Tsai, and Chau-Fong Chen

Enhancement of Vascular Formation But Not Improvement of Ventricular Function of Infarcted Rat Hearts by a High Dose of Adenovirus-Carried VEGF Transgene
Ruey-Jen Sung, Shu-Hui Chen, Chwan-Yan Luo, Jieh-Neng Wang, Chao-Liang Wu, Yun-Hsiang Chen, Rey-Jyh Su, Huey-Jiun Li, and Mei-Ling Tsai

Effects of Serotonin on Acid Secretion in Isolated Rat Stomach: the Role of 5-HT3 Receptors
Yung-Chih Lai, Yih Ho, Kai-Han Huang, and Li Hsueh Tsai

Reduction of Hexa (sulfobutyl) Fullerence on Oxidative Injury by Xanthine and Xanthine Oxidase in Isolated Rat Lungs
Chih-Yao Chiang, Chun-Ping Tsai, Chau-Fong Chen, and Tsai-Fwu Chou


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