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[2010] Volume 53 - No. 2


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Physiological Rhythms, Dynamical Diseases and Acupuncture
Shyang Chang

Glucose Uptake Patterns in Exercised Skeletal Muscles of Elite Male Long-Distance and Short-Distance Runners
Suh-Jun Tai, Ren-Shyan Liu, Ya-Chen Kuo, Chi-Yang Hsu, and Chi-Hsien Chen

Effects of Propofol Intravenous Injection Bolus on the Left Ventricular Function and the Myocardial β-Adrenoceptor in Rats
Zi-Qing Hei, Xiao-Liang Gan, Ning Shen, Hong-Yu Pang, and Jian-Qiang Guan

The Effect of Eight Weeks of Supplementation with Eleutherococcus senticosus on Endurance Capacity and Metabolism in Human
Jip Kuo, Kenny Wen-Chyuan Chen, I-Shiung Cheng, Pu-Hsi Tsai, Ying-Jui Lu, and Ning-Yuean Lee

Protein Kinase C Alpha Location and the Expression of Phospho-MEK and MDR1 in Hepatitis Virus-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma Biopsies Pulmonary Hypertension by the Na+/H+ Exchange Inhibitor Amilorid
Chien-Chung Lin, Jin-Ming Hwang, Min-Ting Tsai, Wei-Wen Su, Li-Mien Chen, Tung-Yuan Lai, Hsi-Hsien Hsu, Shiow-Kang Yen, Chih-Yang Huang, and Jer-Yuh Liu

Recovery Cycle of Neurons in the Inferior Colliculus of the FM Bat Determined with Varied Pulse-Echo Dration and Amplitude
Xin Wang, Feng Luo, Philip H.-S. Jen, and Qi-Cai Chen

Significant Association of XPD Asp312Asn Polymorphism with Breast Cancer in Taiwanese Patient
Hwei-Chung Wang, Chiu-Shong Liu, Chung-Hsing Wang, Ru-Yin Tsai, Chia-Wen Tsai, Rou-Fen Wang, Chao-Hsiang Chang, Yueh-Sheng Chen, Chang-Fang Chiu, Da-Tian Bau, and Chih-Yang Huang

Protection by 3'-Methoxypuerarin of Rat Hippocampal Neurons Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
Yajun Liu, Xiaonan Chen, Kejing Liu, Qiang Chai, Jingxin Li, Zhixiang Liu, Dong Sun, and Lianbi Chen

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