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[2013] Volume 56 - No. 1


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Comparison of Anthropometric and Training Characteristics between Recreational Female Marathoners and Recreational Female Ironman Triathletes
Christoph Alexander Rüst, Beat Knechtle, Patrizia Knechtle, and Thomas Rosemann

Differential Inhibitory Effects of 2-Azafluorenones on PI-PLC Activation but not on PC-PLC- or PC-PLD-Activation Induced by Histamine, PAF, PMA or A23187 in C6 Glioma Cells
Hai-Long Wang, Li-Chuan Wang, and Jiann-Wu Wei

Reducing Body Fat with Altitude Hypoxia Training in Swimmers: Role of Blood Perfusion to Skeletal Muscles
Michael Chia, Chin-An Liao, Chih-Yang Huang, Wen-Chih Lee, Chien-Wen Hou, Szu-Hsien Yu, M. Brennan Harris, Tung-Shiung Hsu, Shin-Da Lee, and Chia-Hua Kuo

M-3M3FBS-Induced Ca2+ Movement and Apoptosis in HA59T Human Hepatoma Cells
Shiuh-Inn Liu, Ko-Long Lin, Ti Lu, Yi-Chau Lu, Shu-Shong Hsu, Jeng-Yu Tsai, Wei-Chuan Liao, Fong-Dee Huang, Chao-Chuan Chi, Wei-Zhe Liang, Li-Ling Tseng, An-Jen Chiang, and Chung-Ren Jan

Social Isolation during Peri-Adolescence or Adulthood: Effects on Sexual Motivation, Testosterone and Corticosterone Response under Conditions of Sexual Arousal in Male Rats
Tamara G. Amstislavskaya, Veta V. Bulygina, Maria A. Tikhonova, and Larissa N. Maslova

Impairment of an Electroconvulsive Stimulus on Reconsolidation of Memories Established by Conditioning
Tsun-Jung Lu, Ru-Band Lu, Jau-Shyong Hong, Yen Kuang Yang, and Lung Yu

Determination of Glottic Opening Fluctuation by a New Method Based on Nasopharyngoscopy
Yuanyuan Chen, Geoffrey Maksym, Timothy Brown, and Linhong Deng

Steady Progresses of the Chinese Journal of Physiology in 2011
Da-Tian Bau, Hsiao-Fung Pu, Chia-Wen Tsai, and Paulus S. Wang


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