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[2018] Volume 61 - No. 2


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Inverse Correlation between Methylation and Expression of the Delta-like Ligand 1 Gene in Gastric Cancer
Chien-Heng Shen, Shui-Yi Tung, Min-Jen Tseng, and Yu-Wei Leu

Semen Parameter Alteration, Histological Changes and Role of Oxidative Stress in Adult Rat Epididymis on Exposure to Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquid
Dalila Rahali, Aicha Jrad-Lamine, Yosra Dallagi, Yassine Bdiri, Nathalie Ba, Michele El May, Saloua El Fazaa, and Narges El Golli

Sex Differences in the Age of Peak Marathon Race Time
Pantelis T. Nikolaidis, Thomas Rosemann, and Beat Knechtle

High-Frequency Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus Activates Motor Cortex Pyramidal Tract Neurons by a Process Involving Local Glutamate, GABA and Dopamine Receptors in Hemi-Parkinsonian Rats
Chi-Fen Chuang, Chen-Wei Wu, Ying Weng, Pei-San Hu, Shin-Rung Yeh, and Yen-Chung Chang

Synergistic Effects of Psychosocial Stress and Mild Peripheral Infection on Inducing Microglial Activation in the Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus and Long-Lasting Deficits in Hippocampus-Related Memory
Wen-Yu Tzeng, Chien-Chou Su, Li-Han Sun, Chianfang G. Cherng, and Lung Yu

Hot Water Bathing Impairs Training Adaptation in Elite Teen Archers
Ta-Cheng Hung, Yi-Hung Liao, Yung-Shen Tsai, Lisa Ferguson-Stegall, Chia-Hua Kuo, and Chung-Yu Chen

Swimming Exercise Induced Reversed Expression of miR-96 and Its Target Gene NaV1.3 in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in Rats
Amir Mahmoudi Aghdam, Parviz Shahabi, Elham Karimi-Sales, Rafigheh Ghiasi, Saeed Sadigh-Eteghad, Javad Mahmoudi, and Mohammad Reza Alipour

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